Wheat Grass…Its Legal….

13 Jul


Wheat Grass can be used regularly first thing in the morning…Make sure to keep your daily stocks of wheat grass and one may even look at picking up fresh wheat grass grown at your backyard which is easy to grow…

Take a handful of wheat grass…wash it well…chop it and blend it with little water in the blender…Mix the remaining quantity of water or as required and avoid straining the juice as straining will remove the fiber…You can have it as such or add a dash of lemon to the juice to increase its Vitamin C content as well…

Wheat Grass Benefits:

Wheat Grass being a highly alkaline food balances the acidic levels of the body.

Consuming acidifying foods causes the ph to get more acidic in nature and thus harm the body. On the other hand consuming alkaline foods makes the body more alkaline in nature and help live a healthy life. Wheat Grass grass is very beneficial to the body as far as maintaining the alkalinity of the body is concerned.

Consuming wheat grass also helps fight cancer. Cancer thrives in an acidic environment and since consuming it also helps balance the acidic levels of the body it prevents cancer. It is very nutritious and provides the body with plenty of resources. Its an excellent detoxifier and help combat the free radicals.

Wheat grass, if consumed raw and whole, also provides plenty of fiber to the body thus improving the digestive system by manifolds. If you suffer from constipation often and cure might lie in wheat grass, which has been known to cure, as well as keep off constipation.

Consumption of juice helps to maintain the alkaline levels of the body and so in turn helps to oxygenate the cells and rid them of their toxic wastes. It also helps to keep the liver healthy and functioning smoothly. Its nutrients help to cleanse the liver of all the toxins in it.

Consuming it will increase the life of your liver as it will reduce the load of liver in eliminating toxic wastes accumulated otherwise.

Wheat Grass is also beneficial for hair and skin.

Serious ailments like diabetes and coronary diseases can be prevented by its regular consumption.

It also helps women during menopause.

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